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3D Agility and Power Training: A Biomechanical Approach3D Agility and Power Training – A Biomechanical Approach

This is a lab focused course and most of the time is spent doing drills in order to better learn the concepts.  It’s a workout: an agility, explosiveness, Ab, and hip workout from a 3D and ECCENTRIC perspective. The conventional paradigm of speed, agility, and explosiveness training and rehab focus only on linear and lateral movements. This can leave the patient or client or athlete deficient, unprepared to return to the rigors of sport, and even predispose him or her to decreased performance and even further injury. This course guarantees to be different. 3D Agility and Power Training is a comprehensive method to address deficits that are frequently overlooked. This is a biomechanically driven and tissue specific approach to address causes and compensations that either lead to injuries or slow down the recovery process, as well as diminish overall performance. This course addresses every aspect of performance including cutting ability, rotational power, deceleration, hip rotation, foot work, explosiveness, eccentric LE strength, 3D to the Core and just having the “edge.”


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