Wow. I just looked over the NFL Injury List again this morning and at the top of the list was the Hamstring, with the knee right next to it.  After years of working with athletes, teaching courses and working in clinics, the hamstring is what started me on the path of getting away from conventional therapy and training.  This is just a “pre-post” of an extensive HAMSTRING VIDEO I will be doing shortly.  If you’re a pro dealing with a hamstring problem, I just want to throw out some questions to get you asking, “Why am I doing these exercises, is it working?

Watching the following “hamstring therapy” is what got me questioning traditional methods:

Athlete on his back with a trainer cranking his leg as far back as it can go to stretch the hamstring.
Athlete on his back with a band around his foot cranking his own leg as far back as he can to get the hamstring
Leg curls
Leg curls with theraband
Athlete sitting on a stool scooting himself around the training room with one leg
Athlete back in 6 months with another tweaked hamstring
Same thing all over again

I couldn’t take it any more.  It caused me to start asking questions about conventional therapy and training as follows:

What does the hamstring do?

What does the hamstring do when an athlete is running down the field or court?

Can you answer those questions?   If you have 1 day of play, weight lifting or physiology then the first question is easy.  The textbook definition of the function of the hamstring is……….flex the knee. But this is the text book definition.  That’s not the functional, 3D performance definition.  Is that the function of the hamstring in SPORT? So what does the hamstring do when an athlete is running down the field or court?  ANSWER: It doesn’t flex […]